Monday, 23 April 2012


Potato juice

This was to understand about how our digestive system works.

Initially, we cut the potatoes in different so that we can have different results so; we can see how it is better. We cut the potatoes in big and crushed ones. We first filed a little bit of water and put some big pieces of it. We shake it meanwhile, it got dissolved later, and we threw all the water. After a while, we put crushed potatoes and again water and shake it dissolve                                     and it dissolved better. Then we strained it with the bigger strainer so the most water came out and then we strained it with the smaller one so the left over water also out. It means that in the small intestine the normal minerals come out and in large intestine the left over minerals are also taken out.

We also took a look about the food pipe by taking a straw and passing a crushed potato piece through it.


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  1. Isha, most of the activity is described well. Remember, The past tense of 'shake' is 'shook'.