Monday, 16 April 2012

my exciting holidays


 These were the best holidays in my whole year. Initially I think that I am going to have a good time. Later I read my library books. The one book I read on that time was “EVA IBBOTSON’S MONSTER MISSION.” Another book that I had was “CHARLOTTES WEB written by E.B.WHITE.”

 During the holidays I went to a place called Nizamabad there I was born. It
was the place was I born my family lived thee from about forty or fifty years. I went there to meet my childhood friends. I lived there for five days.

When I came back I done my homework and went to my sister’s house. Later on I completed my homework.

 I came to school after two weeks and met my school friends had fun. It was a pleasant surprise for us to see that the fence which was there from when we came to school has come out and we also had a water place with smooth stones in it.

 Before going to home for holidays we had a surprise of a puppet show. Mrs. Diana challenged us that we should make some puppets many children in my school made those puppets and broke Mrs. Diana’s challenge but didn’t done. I was very sad but then I recognized that there is nothing to cry tomorrow I will make and come.
 I have done a lot of hard work in these holidays. I went to jamatkhana and
and played and prayed to my lord.

I am very happy to come back to school after these many days at home.    

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  1. Dear Isha,

    This sounds like a very exciting holiday and I'm glad that you had so much fun.
    It must have been very good going back to Nizamabad where your family lived for so many years.
    I'm sure Miss Archana was pleased that you did your homework and also some reading - well done.
    I hope that you like the Acadamy even more now that the green fence has come down and there is a new water feature.
    It's great that you are enjoying being back at school with your friends and I hope you enjoyed the puppet day, and have not been too sad about the broken puppets.
    I was on holiday in Tanzania and Zanzibar for the last two weeks and am now back at the Academy in Mombasa. Perhaps you could do some research about Zanzibar and let me know what you discover.
    Keep on enjoying school and working hard!
    Mr James